Her name is Agnese and she has always dreamt of being – not in the exact order- what follows:

Nick Hornby while he is writing “ 90 degree fever”, the publicist Dan Wieden while he is having an

intuition for the playoff “Just do it”, the Pixar managing director while he is making a lot of money

and any musician of one of her favourite bands. She has not become any of these people at the

moment, but among the different regrets she gave her parents ( parents must get used to it,

otherwise they get accustomed to the wrong things),as she tried to make her dreams come true, she

tried to play the piano, then she had a Gibson, then she had her heart broken by different guitarists.

She attended the secondary school in humanities, then she graduated in “Scienze della

Comunicazione” with a master in Brand Management. Everyone said that she is intelligent but she

does not set her mind in the right way. The time she spent finishing her studies can be compared to

that of a neurosurgeon working in a pub, rescuing kittens, and living with his grandmother because

her parents had been killed- probably she got confused with Peter Parker. She could seem a

“mama’s girl” but she has been working and she is still working, she left her parents’ house at the

age of 26, her grandparents died but her parents are ok. Today she is 35 and she works as a Pilates

trainer and runs after her passions too. Among her passions the most important is writing. She

writes like if there were no tomorrow, she writes stories, articles, pages of diary, e-mails, shopping

lists. She writes because she is not able to do anything else, she is not able to cook, to paint, to

rescue kittens and she does it because she does not want to do anything different.